Fit life in Fotographs!

It has been no secret my entire life that I have a deep love for food- I blame my Sicilian heritage. With that Sicilian heritage stems my mother, who I always remember exercising when we were kids. Thus instilling a mentality within me to always stay fit & healthy. My body is a temple- not sorry for the cliche’.

Scrolling through my Instagram I noticed a lot of my images were focused on fitness and food and so I thought I would share them here and tell you a little about the time and place.


Eat the Rainbow

The picture above, (much like my header image) was taken after my routine visit to the farmers market every Saturday. These particular vegetables are from Bondi Markets and having since moved to the Inner West, my new favourite markets are Marrickville Farmers Markets.

Check out those radishes! The best thing about sourcing your fruit and vegetables from a farmers market is knowing they have come from pesticide free homes in the garden. Especially your greens! Leafy vegetables are the most absorbent of nasty pesticides. Another great reason to buy your vegetables at the farmers market is the low cost. If you were to buy the same groceries at an organic supermarket you would be paying more than double! (I overheard one of the farmers once say they also supply to About Life supermarkets).

The farmers market is a great place to spend your morning. Great coffee, food, live music and vibes. Get involved.


So I should probably tell you this now. I have a terrible peanut butter addiction. It is literally my favourite thing on the planet (the natural organic one of course). 100% peanuts is how I roll. How I stumbled across this addiction was by trialling ‘eating for your blood type’. Being an A positive, peanuts are listed as a medicinal food source. Peanuts? Medicinal you say? Don’t mind if I do.

Now that I am sugar free, I unfortunately no longer indulge in the combo above. PB & Honey on celery. Drrrrrroooooool.

My latest obsession is Mayvers Organic Peanut Butter with Raw Cacao Powder. In all caps. Proper noun. Not really- but I feel it deserves the same respect as a proper noun. It’s like nutella but without all the added nasties. I ate half a jar this afternoon- please don’t judge me.




See that thing I’m holding? Its called a scoby. A gooey blob of bacteria that breeds baby scobys.


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