My primal plate….


How much parmesan cheese can a human being possibly stuff down their throat without a) feeling sick or b) increasing risk of heart disease by 500%. Surely there is something wrong with this picture.

It’s Easter Sunday, and after the horrendous highs and lows of sugar intoxication from the week prior, you may be wondering how I got to this point? In hindsight, looking back at the struggle I have had with yo-yo dieting and body image since early highschool, it kind of makes sense that I am sitting here having a private cheese party. No not in the “eating my feelings’ kind of way but in the Keto/Primal/Paleo/Caveman/High Fat sense. Just like many diets, there are many names. The question is though, is this a fad diet? Or is this the way human beings have been eateing since the dawn of man up until only 100 years ago?

Sugar makes you fat. Fat doesn’t make you fat. Sounds insane right? Wrong! I have known about the evils of sugar for many years now having lost weight on occasions by simply cutting out the white granular devil. As I now approach the age of 30, simply cutting back on sugar just hasn’t been enough. Training at F45 Functional Training 5 days a week, not eating fruit or complex carbs and yet still not budging any weight. I have increased how much I am lifting at the gym. Nothing. Am I eating too much fat? am I eating too many carbs? I even quit drinking for 5 weeks at the beginning of the year. Nothing. Plateau. Weight loss N.O. “So let’s do this! You can do this! No more sugar!”

Day 1.

Pre workout: 2 Bounce Almond and Date Bites. Sugar content: Dates and rice bran syrup.

Post workout .Green smoothie. Sugar content: Coconut water & protein powder.

Afternoon smoothie. Sugar content: Berries, almond milk, protein powder.

High carb zucchini fritters for dinner. High Carb converts to?…… You guessed it SUGAR!

So inadvertently, I have had sugar in some form sneak its way into every meal. After scrolling through Instagram, I came across Daniel Conn (F45 Owner and ambassador) discussing Ketones and a keto diet. Having constantly struggled with my macros and the possibility of eating too much fat, it crossed my mind that this could be exactly what I was looking for. Sure I would have to give up popcorn and sweet potato, but it means I could eat all the cheese, salmon, eggs, nuts and avocado my heart could dream of. Can I have a side of butter with that?

So the way ketosis works is 70% of what you eat needs to come from fat, 10% from carbs and 20% from protein. In doing so, your body adapts and learns to burn fat or ‘ketones’ as its main energy source and not carbohydrate. The result? Your body starts eating its fat stores for energy resulting in very easy weightloss. It is important to not eat too much protein as your body will use protein as its second source of fuel over fat.

Day 2.

Am I in ketosis yet? NO

Am I in ketosis yet? NO

Ketosis takes about 3-5 days to kick in. This is when your body makes the switch of fuel source.

Am I on the way to ketosis? Yes. Definitely.

This morning I had my first black coffee with cinnamon and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Seafood marinara mix for breakfast and some cashew butter. Not all together of course. What is really interesting about this diet is learning just how many carbs are in foods you may not have even thought had carbs in them. Cashews for example are the worst nut to eat compared to macadamias that have next to no carbs. Another thing that is so interesting about this diet is the level of satiety that comes from high fat foods.

Grocery shopping was a thrill. Stocking up on all the things I have always known to be ‘evil or bad for you’.  Not only am I now broke but the possibility of a heart attack also crossed my mind as that delicious butter, cheese and bacon stared back at me. I have never bought fancy hand churned grass fed butter in my life thinking it would make me fat. Now this is my new staple? I think a huge part of this transition will be the psycological change of mindset that fat is bad. FAT IS NOT BAD. New studies have actually shown high fat diets leading to a decrease in many diseases even heart disease! Mind boggling isn’t it? I am pretty happy with my fridge right now and am excited to see what the results are at the end of the two week challenge.

Now finally & MOST importantly…..

Does wine have sugar in it???

I know, I know. Of course it does. “Vodka rocks thanks”.



Written by Jaden Dowd




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